Most of my newer music is oriented around orchestral big-movie-element style compositions, as well as increasing electronic elements ever since buying Komplete 6. I have a few commercial projects to my name (principally, Knytt Stories (composer – one of many) by Nifflas, Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir (composer), and Yar’s Revenge (director – composer and SFX)), and continue to do small projects at my leisure.

In the early days I began composing using a tracker, which back then was a quick and (not necessarily) easy way to take samples of whatever sound, instrument or human grunt, sticking it in the program and playing it at different frequencies to create different pitches. That was my bit for a good 5.5 years, as I figured out what I liked doing and made a style for myself. I didn’t practise that many styles (slowly progressing to orchestrated formats, with the odd electronic-melodic “demostyle”-type track) and I never really liked the more electronic styles such as trance or stuff like that, so I never wrote it (and shall never do unless someone pays me some serious six-figure cash sum :).

Of more recent days, in the constant search for sound realism, I “graduated” to sequencing, after getting Cakewalk with my first keyboard, an Edirol PCR-30. I then bought more kit and, with the emphasis around orchestral tunes, continued my merry way. Suffice to say, sequencing is a bloody lot more expensive than tracking, although the time spent is roughly the same. Still, the results are better, and I’m getting there slowly, so I can’t complain.