26/04/2014 – A Bunch of new things

See? I’m crap at updating this place.

Anyway, a few things have happened since the last post, although only three interesting things are really worth mentioning in this medium, all musically oriented, and very belated:

The Insomniac (Electronica, ambient-ish; 2 years old)

Departure Before Dawn (Orchestral; one year old)

Flow (Piano/orchestral-ish; released yesterday)

Well, I got there in the end, at least.

17/04/2012 – Added a couple things

Still alive!
Added a new banner which probably looks crap, but like everything else it too is a work in progress.
Added a few more photos to the list. I really ought to do something to spruce up the music portion of the site as well, but I don’t quite know what just yet.

19/11/2011 – Minor edits

A couple minor edits. Still experimenting on the photo section, so that’s all still WiP.

Added a couple new tracks into the discography part.

Really need to give this place a bit more love, and tie it into Soundcloud and Picasa’s web stuff,

18/04/11 – Framework is up

Got a basic semblance of a website now. Just need to populate the damned thing.