This page contains some of my discography, though the stuff right back to my first released track back in 1998 is linked to modarchive (well, I don’t want to put myself to shame *that* much :o). Tracks on this page comprise pretty much everything I’ve done that is publically available, so NWN2:SoZ and Yars Revenge stuff won’t be listed here, nor will pitch/concept tracks unless with prior permission.


Download OGG – Flow


Download OGG – Departure Before Dawn

Download OGG – The Insomniac


Download OGG – Adventure at 40,000ft in the Land of Nod (Yep, it’s a silly name :)


Download OGG – Retreat from the Shadows
Download OGG – Buccaneers of the Windward Passage
Download OGG – Escape from Asimov’s Folly


Hah, I wish I could release the stuff made here!


Download OGG – Season Ticket – Return Home
Download OGG – March of Spring


Download OGG – Introduction
Download OGG – The Exodus – Menu music
Download OGG – Pilgrimage
Download OGG – A Wurm’s Gambit
Download OGG – Late for Work – Taxi


Download OGG – Late for Work!

“Knytt Stories” Tracks
Download OGG – Lao Tze’s Dizi
Download OGG – Sun ‘twixt a Zephyr
Download OGG – Summit

“Planescape: Purgatorio” Tracks
Download OGG – Hive Ward
Download OGG – Hellish Ambience
Download OGG – Sanctum Sprecare
Download OGG – Tea Street
Download OGG – Marble Street
Download OGG – Gatehouse
Download OGG – Arena
Download OGG – Marble Street Battle
Download OGG – Hive Ward Battle
Download OGG – Beastlands, Part One
Download OGG – Hive Ward Tavern
Download OGG – Outlands
Download OGG – Mechanus, Part One
Download OGG – Showdown
Download OGG – Beastlands, Part Two
Download OGG – Mechanus, Part Two


Download OGG – The Fall of Trakar


Download MP3 – Requiem for a Soldier
Download MP3 – Tommy and the Magpie
Download MP3 – The Meeting – The Gathering of Arms


Download MP3 – The Lonely Skylight
Download MP3 – Remembrance
Download MP3 – Tales of Windward Forest
Download MP3 – The Morning Express
Download MP3 – Falkayan’s Landing – The City of Anhrur
Download MP3 – Hall of the Kings – The City of Trakar


Download MP3 – What Dreams May Come

“Dungeon Siege I – Copperhead” Tracks
Download MP3 – Fear No Evil
Download MP3 – Into The Fire
Download MP3 – On The Edge
Download MP3 – Shredded Meat
Download MP3 – Silver Slivers


2002 and prior tracks are tracked formats, and hosted with many thanks on I would mirror them here had I space, so the following links lead to modarchive:

Download XM – Conquest of Farakhan
Download XM – Enemy Engaged
Download XM – Return to Nebula 9
Download XM – Of Myth and Legend
Download XM – Diggers
Download XM – The Hordes Amassed


Download XM – King of the Titans
Download XM – Spacewalk
Download XM – Journeyman’s Quest
Download XM – Summertime Freestyle
Download XM – The Sorceror’s Tale
Download XM – The Epic


Download XM – The Corsair’s Voyage
Download XM – Journey Through The Sea
Download XM – Return To The Sky
Download XM – A Time Before
Download XM – Walk in the Park


Download XM – Initial Point
Download XM – The Musician
Download XM – Downtime
Download XM – Forest of Keroon
Download XM – Flight of the Falcon

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