By some freak chance of nature, I ended up being a Nikon shooter. I have a D60 and a D7000 and a brace of lenses to get me into the super-telephoto range:

In addition, I usually carry a Seagull right-angle viewer (cheap and cheerful), a Cokin P-series holder with a gradiented neutral density (P121M) and circular polariser (P164) filters. I tend to use the GND more than the cirpol, as the cirpol tends to become directional at wide angles, whereas the GND gives a uniform effect no matter where you’re pointing. The Kenko DG automatic extension tube set also comes highly recommended if a dedicated macro lens is too expensive – just don’t mount anything heavier than a kilo on the end.

I tend not to carry lens hoods for the longer lenses, simply because they are huge. Most of the time, modern lens coatings give me some leeway in where I point the lens, but just by avoiding pointing into the sun, you can get quite far. Wides are a different case, of course.

For general walk-abouts, I usually carry the 16-85, 70-300 and 35mm lenses.